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The Difference between Fabric Sofa and Leather Sofa

Faced with the question of how to choose between fabric sofa and leather sofa, consumers can be entangled, but as a salesperson, you must have a clear understanding of the difference between the two types of sofa, so that you can do it after the consumer’s sales. To be more prepared to enhance consumer confidence in salespersons.


Fashionable and Diverse Fabric Sofa

Compared with the elegance of leather sofas, fabric sofas are lighter and softer, with novel styles and variable colors, which are very suitable for the tastes of young people. There are many kinds of fabric sofa fabrics. The sofas made of silk and satin fabrics are elegant and luxurious, giving people a magnificent feeling; the sofas made of coarse linen and corduroy are calm and heavy. From the perspective of decoration, you can choose geometric patterns, large flower patterns and monochrome fabrics. The sofas with geometric and abstract patterns give people a modern and avant-garde feeling, which is suitable for modern families; sofas with large flower patterns are lively and bright, which can bring vitality and vitality to the family; monochrome fabrics are very popular, and the large pieces are single. The color gives a calm and fresh atmosphere of the room.

Luxury Style Leather Sofa

The leather sofa looks luxurious, calm, solemn, and majestic, both in terms of shape and fabric. Especially in a spacious living room, putting such a sofa on it will enhance the quality of the entire room.

2. Price

Leather sofas are expensive.

Fabric sofas are cheap. If you look at the cost performance, I personally think that fabric sofas are slightly better.

3. Craft

Complex Leather Sofa

Leather sofas are divided into full-leather sofas and half-leather sofas. Full-leather sofas have high value, good ventilation and environmental performance. Full-leather sofas are commonly used in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. Half-leather sofas use PU leather or artificial leather PVC instead of cowhide on the back, bottom and other hidden parts of the sofa, but the direct contact parts of the human body are still high-value cowhide, which reduces the cost of the sofa and is more affordable. Generally speaking, the production process of leather sofa is very cumbersome and complicated, it needs to go through many processes, and the quality is naturally first-class.

Simple Fabric Sofa

In comparison, the fabric sofa craft is relatively simple.

4.Maintenance convenience

Fabric Sofa is Easy to Clean.

The fabric sofa feels very warm and easy to clean, just take it off and send it to a dry cleaner.

Leather Sofa Maintenance is Time-Consuming and Laborious.

Leather sofas are not easy to maintain and require a lot of time and energy. Cheap leather sofas are made of two-layer leather, which are prone to quality problems and more troublesome to maintain. If there are children in the house, if you don’t pay attention to them, you may get scratches on them.

5. Service Life

leather Sofa has a Long Service Life.

Although leather sofas cost tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, there is no doubt about the long service life of leather sofas.

Fabric Sofa has a Shorter Service Life.

The service life of fabric sofas is relatively short, and in terms of styles, it is easier to become obsolete.

Of course, the style of the sofa should be consistent with the decoration style of the room. The leather sofa is wide and elegant, which is very suitable for the decoration of European classical style and neoclassical style. Fabric sofas have a wide range of adaptations, and their simple and smooth styles and a variety of colors and colors are more popular among young people.

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